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est. 1970 | Hand Crafted In Upstate NY.


Created with the finest exoctic woods.
From Exotic Woods
High Level of Craftsmanship
At our wood mill in Upstate NY
Hand made in the USA
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Wood Dugouts
Earth Friendly
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  • L-74 wood pipe

    L-74 This Capper has a square hood but there is nothing square about what happens when you light up. Do meditate on the Rainbow Wood cap to achieve the highest possible unsquare experience. ½” bowl, 2 7/8” wood stem + 1 1/8” mouthpiece = 4” length.

  • L-30

    L-30 L-30, L-31, L-33 and L-34 all have 9/16” bowls and are 3 ½” in length. Differing from each other only in the carving on the shank, they are the minimum length for frizzy beards and moustaches.

  • TT-45 LB Large Sculpted Wood Swivel Dugout

    A small hole in the underside of the cap provides a seat for the cigarette. Large LB’s are 3/4″x1 13/16″x4″; Smalls are 3/4″X1 13/16″x3″.

  • L-20

    L-20 Teeniest calumet in our product line, this pipe is diminutive in stature but delivers the herb as well as any of our pipes. 9/16” bowl, 2 ¼” wood stem + 1 1/8” mouthpiece = 3 3/8” length.

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