Woods Used by The Mill for our Wood Pipes, Dugouts, & Bowls

Spectacular wood varieties from all over the world have inspired The Mill for over 40 years. Below are brief descriptions of some of our favorite woods or "ultra-exotics": COCOBOLO-"COKE" is somewhat variable in color when freshly sawn, with the heartwood usually turning to a deep rich orange, with black striping or mottling on exposure to air. Natural oils give the wood a good polish, helping make it one of the finest decorative woods in existence. From Southern Mexico and Central America,...

The Mill Golf Outing June 2012

On Friday, June 15, nine Mill employees and three friends played in the company’s bi-annual golf outing, at Pinnacle State Park in Addison, NY. The weather was some of the best it’s ever been for this event. Three teams of four played 18 holes, captain and crew. They ate hamburgers and hot dogs at the turn and later enjoyed the Fish Fry which is served at the Pinnacle every Friday night. A good time was had by all. The Mill’s next golf outing is...

Why Choose Us?

Founded in 1970 "The Mill" is a small production craft business in upstate NY dedicated to making the finest exotic wooden pipes in America. Why Choose Us: 40 plus years experience Most beautiful woods in the world High level of craftsmanship Everything made in the USA.      Our Benefits: Handcrafted Imaginative designs Long lasting Earth friendly